GTV Creations

Imaginations with Artistic Ability...

Research & Development

GTV's great goals on web platform, imagination and expensive ideas leads to learn, develop, try out and succeed in big things. In the past years of research and study, GTV find out many real-time solutions and are distributed as open-source projects made available to outside world.

Products & Services

GTV provides Pro Services and Products for free of cost. These products are developed from successful researches and studies of GTV Web Works R&D Division. All our releases are opens-source, so the users can able to modify and use it better, customize with their own wishes.

Yahuu App Platform

GTV App UI powers Yahuu application platform, act as web app service from GTV Web Works R&D Division. The UI is unique and inherits great futures from real-time interface designs which make users easy to understand and interact with the platform. GTV App UI was owned by R&D division.

Thiruvikraman Govindarajan


G. Thiruvikraman, B.E. (CSE)
Web Master
GTV Web Works Research and Development

+91 (720) 075-8051